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When enjoying the outdoors, be sure to protect your pets from.

67. Algae - Can be found in ponds or other bodies of water, certain forms can be toxic.

68. Antifreeze/Coolant - Some types of antifreeze or coolant products contain ethylene
glycol, which is highly toxic to dogs and cats, even in small amounts.

69. Fire pit/Grill - Flames can result in serious burns and ashes can cause illness if ingested.

70. Fences/Gates - Openings in damaged fences or gates can be used by your cat or dog to
run away or could lead to strangulation if they become stuck.

71. Deck lattice - Your dog or cat could become stuck in the openings under your deck and
possibly strangle.

72. De-icing Salts - Some formulations may contain chemicals that are hazardous to pets if
ingested in large amounts. Look for "pet-friendly" de-icing salts.

73. Compost (particularly if moldy)

74. Gasoline

75. Oil

76. Pesticides

77. Cocoa bean shell mulch fertilizer

78. Swimming pools and hot tubs - Never leave your pet unattended near uncovered pools,
even if they can swim.

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