Doggy Be Good has teamed up with CattyCanine to offer you
professional advice on dog-related issues.  We hope you enjoy!  
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Episode 5: Preparing Your Dog For Boarding
Some important tips about boarding your dog at the kennel including
the shots needed and why, illnesses, and possible stress. Also what
happens when an owner abandons their dog at the kennel?

Episode 4: Summer Awareness
Important tips about protecting your dog from the summer heat.
Yes, dogs need protection too!  We also have tips about fireworks,
eating grass, and our favorite, hanging out the car window. Enjoy!

Episode 3: What Am I Actually Feeding To Fido?
Did you know that things you love, like chocolate or grapes, can
make your dog sick? That the can of dog food that says chicken
dinner may contain very little chicken? Would you believe that some
of the popular doggie treats contain some of the worst stuff to give
to your dog?

We discuss some advice about the right and wrong things to feed to
your dog. If you have any additional questions about your dog's diet,
send us a question in the comments below, and we'll try to answer
it on a future podcast.

Episode 2: Animal Welfare in Distress
Do you ever wonder how many dogs are put to death every year in
the U.S. because they lack proper homes and other related issues?
Would you believe up to 3 million? How have things gotten to this
tragic stage? In this episode, Michael, Ashley, and Dennis discuss a
small community example how these problems begin, and perhaps
what can be done.

Episode 1: Boarding My Dog - Camp or Dungeon?
An introduction to who we are and what our podcast is about. In this
first episode, we discuss some of the key points to consider if you
need to board your dog.
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