We work with dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments.  

Dog training can take place in the privacy of your own
home, and, for best results, includes every member of
your household.  Fees are based on the specific needs of
your dog, which are assessed during our free, in-home

Current training services offered include:

Puppy Kindergarten - Our most popular
service!  Training can happen anytime between 8
weeks to 6 months of age, which is the most critical
development period for your dog.  Our one-on-one,
two session Puppy Kindergarten program will teach
you and your family what to expect from, and how
to deal with the issues and behaviors your puppy
will demonstrate during this crucial time.  At the
same time, we feel it is important to respect your
puppy and allow him to enjoy "puppyhood".  Our
program teaches strategies for housebreaking,
feeding, play time, reprimanding, outdoor/indoor
activities, socialization, pack formation, and
dominance exercises.  We also work on correcting
common puppy behaviors, such as nipping, biting,
chewing, and any other situations that come about
that are unique to your puppy.

Basic Obedience - Training can begin at 6 months
of age.  Our program teaches your dog essential
commands, including sit, stay, down, come, heel
and wait.  Time is also spent teaching your dog to
walk like a lady or gentleman on a leash, without
pulling or stopping.    Once he passes his final exam,
your dog will  graduate with a diploma from Doggy
Be Good!  Basic Obedience is usually 4 to 5 sessions,
but may be longer if need be.  Our fee is assessed
upon our free consultation.

Behavior Modification - Correcting undesirable
behaviors, such as aggression problems, can make
a world of difference in your home.  Often times,
negative behaviors can be corrected with
dominance exercises and positive reinforcement.  
Behavior modification will be based upon the needs
of your dog.  Fees will be assessed accordingly.

Canine Good Citizen - Recognized by the
American Kennel Club, we are able to provide this
highly regarded training and certification, which is
the first step for service dog training.

Temperament Testing - This service is
available for those interested in adopting an adult
dog.  Also available as a consultant for shelters.

Preparation for Infant Arrivals - The most
stressful time for your dog can be when a new
human baby is expected in your household.  Our
exclusive Infant Arrival session prepares you and
your dog for this life-changing event, making it a
positive and exciting time for all.  Preparing your
dog prior to the infant's arrival and taking the
proper steps when baby comes home will ensure a
smooth transition for all.    

Weight Loss - An overweight pooch can lead to
many health problems.  We can show you basic
exercises to do with your dog to make sure he stays
healthy and fit.

And More...
All programs are Custom Tailored to meet the needs of your dog and home environment.

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